6105 Stage Road, Bartlett, TN, 38134 

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Reviewed by: eclemons84 on: 2016-04-02
The food choices are great,great prices. The food Is very good.
Reviewed by: renatawalker35 on: 2015-08-21
Are you Hiring ? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by: rontgib on: 2015-05-24
I went on 5/23/15. The food was good but the service was terrible. Was trying to rush me out of there. I haven't even been there for thirty minutes
Reviewed by: Iwillcontactyou on: 2014-11-29
My family (2 adults and 2 young children) have visited this place over 15 times the past year. The food is ok with horrible cleansing of the bathrooms. We came 3 weeks ago and waited over ten minutes to be seated. The food is tolerable and we make no complaints and leave. We decide to give this place another chance. As we are going through the Buffett line, I see two waitresses talking loudly and pointing at me and my toddler son. I try to ignore it. Later after our waitress brings the check, two other waitresses show up and accuse us of skipping out on our last visit. They harass us and embarrass us. First, I would never steal a meal, especially when it's half decent. Secondly, my children were with me both times. I would not teach my children to steal!!!! Thirdly, I have never stolen anything, let alone a $35 dinner. Why skip out on the check and show again??? I asked the waitress who was so talkative and harassing in the restaurant, but when asked that same question in front of her manager wouldn't answer me. In fact, her boss yelled at her. I have NEVER been accused of anything like this in my life! And I have to explain to my children that this even happened. We went on a busy night. I work with technology. Sometimes things happen. You never ever should attack loyal customers and harass them and humiliate them for doing nothing wrong. I have never been treated so badly ever and I have notified our lawyer after tonight! Expect a call in the morning!
Reviewed by: V T. on: 3/15/2013 12:28:00 PM
I really should stop going to buffet's... but most days I forget to eat so... going to a buffet is like my one meal a day... anyway to the review.The main part of my meal was sushi. They have a good variety of hand rolls. though a lot of it was empty, no rainbow no spicy tuna or a few other standards. Tongs are dirty but meh. There were around three rolls with cream cheese out of the ten so it wasn't bad. Veggie roll tasteless, one of the deep fried rolls a bit sweet. Other rolls happened to be fine, standard stuff, I didn't get the tofu shell one because well... my last run in with one of those rolls wasn't good at all. Oh and I did have one piece of cali roll... on the dry side... bleh...They have a good amount of southern stuff, I had only greens. My brother who made me go tried the mac&cheese... soggy dripping in weird cheese sauce but otherwise fine, fried chicken which also seemed okay and their weird crab garlic bread... really really good.Egg and springrolls were mostly stuffed with cabbage, nothing spectacular... though imo no restaurant or store compares to my mom's homemade ones.I had a few other things like their cold salads, ie macaroni, crab and this pineappley one... didn't like the pineapple.Hot and sour soup was hot and sour soup and easily the best item on the buffet line to me. (I think from now on I'll just skip everything and stick to soup and sushi)Plenty of other selections but I just wasn't keen on eating all that deep fried stuff so I just had dessert.Ice cream - soft serve, tasted like nothing a milk, no gocookies - butter chocolate chip maybe a few others... i might have napkined a few ... shhhhthere was one basket of coffee cake - didnt try...cream puffs? - good the pastry could have better flavorred bean... dumplings? thick shell deep fried, barely any fillingFruit medley, im guessing from a can or something... very lacking in flavorI was full but underwhelmed as I usually find when I go to any buffets.Cant beat the deal though, just under 25 for 3service... took 5 minutes after getting our first plate to get water... never a refill which would helptook 2 minutes before i could pay at counter, I forget if the cashier was helping someone to a table or not, it seemed like he was just chatting some coworker until someone else cameFor me it wasn't worth the drive.Really the only thing I could enjoy was the hot and sour soup and I know I can go to plenty other places that make a really good bowl.Oh and sushi chefs seemed a bit surly, hibachi section... not very extensive, I don't think I saw anyone get hibachi.
Reviewed by: Allie B. on: 3/1/2013 12:53:00 PM
This is the only Chinese buffet I've ever been to that does not have my favorite General Tsos chicken. I don't eat sushi or seafood but they had a lot of that. It was packed when I went around noon. The food was awful. Soggy noodles, nasty eggrolls, no spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken was not good, crab rangoon filling was watery and runny. Sesame chicken was soggy and gross. The only 2 items I enjoyed were the jalapeno chicken (I don't remember if thats what they call it) and the hot wings. But I didn't go to a Chinese buffet to eat hot wings.
Reviewed by: William P. on: 1/13/2013 3:52:00 PM
This place is always busy on the weekend. The sushi part of their restaurant is so big which I really do like their variety of sushi. Their salad bar could have more things but buffets don't usually have a big choice on salad options. The food is always good and delicious. It is worth going when even it's busy.
Reviewed by: Joel C. on: 1/2/2013 8:24:00 AM
Went the other night. This place was exceptional all the way around. Clean dining areas and mens restroom. The place was packed so you know its a good place. Lots of different things on the buffet. All food I ate was hot and tasted great. Some buffet items include clam, oyster, muscles, chicken on a stick, hot wings, pizza, cat fish, fried rice, sweet and sour chicken and lots more. Very nice selection of Chinese and American food. They have a walk up sushi bare where sushi is made on the spot for you as well as already made sushi you can walk up and take if you want. Dinner buffet is 10.29 before drink and tax. Kids dinner buffet is 6.50 I assume before drink and tax as well. Two and under eat free. Will definately go back at some point.
Reviewed by: Eliza M. on: 12/4/2012 10:02:00 PM
I came visit my friend from Chicago. My husband was stationed in Okinawa Japan for 2 year. I learned eating Sushi & Sashimi in Japan.I can tell if a fish is fresh or not.The first day my friend took me to Eat Well Sushi Bar & Grill on Thanksgiving day. That was very good. High quality Meat & Seafood , nice atmosphere. Well valued to pay $22 per person.The second Day my friend took me to Grand Pacific. It was the most horrific restaurant I've been into. When I first got to the main doors, there was a few COCKROACHES crawling around the front door. This was very disturbing to me and my friend. We decided still to try out their food ,because of the price. We were getting out plates I noticed that there was food sticking to my plate and soap. I got another plate that was decently clean and found that their food was all old looking and withered. The sushi was nasty and the service was terrible. We had to wait 5 minutes to get our drinks because the waitresses were all busy chatting, until we complained that we haven't received our drinks.So all in all: Bad Bad Bad !!!!!!!! I weather go to EAT WELL instead
Reviewed by: Phillip I. on: 7/21/2012 2:49:00 AM
I have been to SEVERAL chinese buffets throughout Memphis. This is hands down by buffet of choice. The food is consistently good. There is a unlimited sushi bar that rivals other fancy sushi restaurants. They are constantly bringing out fresh food. The staff is friendly. The price is right.
Reviewed by: Jessica B. on: 3/24/2012 12:43:00 AM
Really love this place. Loads of food options. Their sushi is always great and is made fresh (which is nice). They tend to keep the buffet full and the times that items have run out, they are pretty good at getting it filled as quickly as possible. They even have "American" food, so if you bring that person who isn't the biggest fan of chinese, they can also have a good meal.Only complaint I have had is that one of the employees (he is usually the one taking your money) can be a bit grumpy and sometimes rude. A few times I have gone and dealt with him- I walk to the counter to pay, he takes my card, swipes it, hands it back, hands me the receipt to sign, and thats it. Not a word said and he doesn't even look up from the computer screen. So that kinda rubs me the wrong way. Even if he's in a bad mood, the least he could do is greet me. So, just a heads up.
Reviewed by: Lindsey C. on: 1/31/2012 8:45:00 PM
I stumbled across this gem when I started working in Bartlett and now I bring everyone here! The sushi is fresh and delicious, you can prep your own hibachi, and the buffet choices are endless. The restaurant is clean and safe, unlike many area buffets, and the staff is courteous and prompt.